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Events confirmation

Events Confirmation

  • Choose your target audience, and with your database or using ours, you can have the best event for your business, no matter if it is a webinar or a live event.
  • We first send invitations by mail, email or post them in your social media.
  • We assign a 01800 line to receive confirmations or give aditional information about the event.
  • We also open a chat which can be used from social media, web site, the email with the invitation; to give on line service.
  • We make telephone calls to all guests and confirm their assitance.
  • One day before we re-confirm their assitance.
  • We deliver daily reports.

01800 LINES

We offer exclusive and shared telephone lines to receive your customer calls, delivered from any campaign you have launched.

Database updating


The key to have a succesful marketing campaign is to have the correct and updated database.
We update your database considering all the fields you need by making telephone calls. We can work directly in your CRM or in ours.


If you don't have the database you need we can build one for you, considering the company size by number of employees, the decision maker you need, the location and the industry.
We make research and make telephone calls to get the information and you can also ask 3 questions to prequalify if the company could be your target or not.


We put together all your databases, in the same format, complete records such as telephones, zip codes, location, etc.
Eliminate duplicated records and put everything in the format you need for your CRM.


Inbound calls

We assign an exclusive 1800 line to receive all the calls delivered from any campaign you've launched in social media, web site, email, e- news, direct mail, etc. With a live agent in the schedule you need. This agent is trained to take care of your most important value: Your clients.


We send emails as part of your marketing strategy to your target audience, you can provide us your database or use WWCalls' database.
We deliver reports of those whom opened, clicked on any link, bounced back, SPAM, etc. and deliver the database to give immediate follow up.