About Us


To provide our customers a full solution to their Direct Marketing needs, offering the needed resources to handle their projects with absolute quality and reliability, as any internal project, saving time, saving resources and costs.


To be the most reliable Contact Center and at the same time, an invaluable tool for our customers, letting us take care of their most precious value, their clients. You can be assured that together we will make your business grow.


To work with our customers being part of their team, making them “business partners” instead of just customers.


We offer services that suit a wide variety of companies, from small business to big corporate enterprises, regardless their activities.
WW CALLS CANADA supports any companies seeking more market penetration, growth, ranking or sales.
Our executives are qualified to interact with decision makers. Our approach is to make quality calls instead of a large volume of them, also our executives are fully trained in your campaigns becoming experts in your business making it more productive.
With 21 years of experience our services are guaranteed and we work on a result scheme so our partnership get us stronger.